This series of small ball plates is made of thermally invariant Carbon fibre rods and Robax (Vitro-Ceramics).

A special feature are the miniature balls which allow tactile and optical probing. The optical probing is improved by an auto-reflex-foil acting as "Virtual Backlight". This reflector background can be taken off for tactile measurements, in particular for the high accuracy calibration of the plate by reversal techniques.

On the left side we see the plate in a horizontal position "high".

Below the plate is shown, fixed to the vertical attachment.

All fixtures are made of carbon fibre composites and show virtually no thermal drift effects during the measurements, even if the set up has been touched by hand immediately before the measurement.

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The complete set for machine error measurement,

including carbon fibre composite fixtures for all plate positions comes in a handy suit case.

These L-shaped ball plates are designed

to work together with the error analysis software CalCom++.

All except the balls and some fixturing components is made of carbon fibre composite.

A full error correction measurement may take only 90 minutes

these plates.

Large L-plates are now available .

On the left a 1000 mm x 880 mm plate with 40 mm ball spacing.

Sizes between 300 mm times 300 mm and 1400 mm times 1000 mm can be made.

The design is based on standard ESCALON beams.

The second photograph shows our very stable elevated horizontal placement:

The fixture used here is kinematic and hexapod-like. The rods of the support are of carbon fibre composite and the joints are made with steel balls and magnets. It takes less than 5 minutes to change the position from vertical to horizontal or vice-verse.