- special error correction techniques

    for optical CMMs using high density

    dot plates, including special

    errors of cross-tables

    (in 2004 and 2007)

  - new line-scale artefacts (in 2008)

  - thermomechanical studies of CMMs

    (in 2004)


  - High accuracy cardan joints

    for Metrology-Hexapods (in 2008)

  - specific artefacts for machine

    correction parameter assessment

    (in 2007) 

  - thermal error modelling of

    complex in-line measuring systems

    (in 2007)

  Volkswagen Mexico

  - first implementation of industrial

    uncertainty analysis in sheet metal

    measurement, using large reference

    artefacts and multi-orientation

    calibration of artefacts on CMMs

    (current project)

Research and Development Work on Customers' Request

There is a long personal history of successful dedication to development for precision,

both as an employee as well as an independent technology consultant and researcher.

Research and Development Work  with Public Funding

A speciality is the design and coordination of European research projects for Metrology.

This work includes usually the formulation of the research tasks and the entire project

plan and the allocation of work to suited partners.

                  .... here some nostalgic retrospectives of "firsts"....

                                      (will be continued)

                                 First sketch of PTB Dilatometer (1990)

Zukünftiger Hersteller der Trapet-PE Prüfkörper:

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Webseiten von Partnern u.a. :


  - error correction of all types of Cartesian

    CMMs based on 3D-ball beams 

    (in 2006)

  - thermally stable position measurement

    systems (in 2002)

  - robot calibration and correction 

    based on artefacts (in 2006)


  - set of a larger number of calibration

    procedures for quality inspection

    equipment suited for an accredited

    laboratory, using exclusively coordinate

    measuring machines (in 2000-2003)

  - self-centring probe for machine tool

    calibration using ball artefacts

  - "Nano-CMM": idea, definition, detailed

    research program elaboration,

    application of large scale international 

    integrated R&D project with the 

    European Commission 

    (from 2005 till today) 


  - tactile-optical probe concept,

    patent and application support

    (in 1998)


  - idea, concept, project definition,

    research and project coordination 

    for the first automatic uncertainty

    analysis by the measurement software

    = "Virtual Measuring Machine"

    (between 1994 and 1998)  

  - disassemblable multi-ball bar for the

    verification of large CMMs (in 1991)

  - specific correction of large CMMs (Zeiss)

  - specific correction of optical CMMs

    (Werth, Mycrona)

  - diverse measurement strategies and

    software tools for the correction

    parameter aquisition for CMMs (in 1987)

  - with VW-Wolfsburg: large artefacts

    (in 1991)

  - with ZEISS Oberkochen: non-rigid-body

    error correction strategies and error

    measurement for large CMMs (in 1992)

  RWTH Aachen

  - concept, patent and research project

    definition of world's first multi-

    lateration interferometer system for

    general coordinate measurement

    (in 1982)


- development, industrial

  implementation and accreditation

  of a highly error tolerant

  calibration and traceability

  concept based on multi sensor

  ball bars as length standards

                               First sketch of Fibre Probe (1997)  

        First large ball plate of carbon fibre suited for CMM error correction (1986-2001) 

       First prototype of Disassemblable Ball Bar (1991), today the most used artefact for large CMM testing;

       artefact built and marketed by KOBA, AIMESS, Retter, and Trapet Precision

     First time systematic modelling of "elastic errors" (non-rigid body errors) of HAM machines (1990-1991);

     similar algorithms and measurement methods used today by ZEISS, WENZEL, METROLOGIC

On the way to fast machine tool checking:

1.  Using machining sequences on special 1D, 2D and 3D-artefacts and then measuring on a CMM and alalyzing;

2.  First self-centring probe (EU project "MT-Check") measuring a ball tetrahedron

This image shows a funny but effective experimental improvization: using the machining artefact as a base for the ball tetrahedron.  (2002)

Today the MT-Check probe is built and marketed by IBS-PE

In the following:

first publication in of Self-Qualification of "3D-Interferometer" (Multi-Lateration) and realization suggestions.

(1981-1982); the "long-time-sleeping" concept which was realized in the 1980ies only in form of a research-prototype at Aachen Univerity (WZL) has been re-vived by ETALON Germany and a similar system was developed from scratch and is marketed today as the "Laser Tracer"