Trapet Precision Engineering


Trapet Precision Engineering

Berretin 10

01139 Sarria (Alava)



DUNS 466015730

tel . 34.945462666

cell: .34.615711076


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Our largest artefacts are segmented ball beams, lengths go up to 12 m,

the base segments are typically 1.3 m long,

the calibrated reference bars are typically 0.5 m and 0.25 m long. 


ZEISS Iberia

intermediate ball on pivot spring and

between two calibrated rods

first ball on fixed stem     

tripod with spider and with pivot                 our special pivot head head, alternative is a commercial 

default is a solid aluminium tripod

head from professional photograpy           

last ball on flat spring

and with load spring

calibrated rods with precision-lapped cones

structural base segments:

carbon fiber tubes

standard:  with solid flanges,

optionally: ditto, but tubes made of high Young's Modulus carbon fibre

new option: lower weight, simpler to handle, one-screw-joints (photograph on right)

Courtesy: Zeiss Mexico

Sample from a calibration certificate of a 5 m segmented ball bar (first 2 pages only)

Sample from a calibration certificate of a large CMM