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2.7 m long ESCALON Ball Beam on an 11 m x 2 m x 1 m CMM , in the 11 m long axis four stitched positions were meaasured

Note that the precision of shifting plays no first order role for the results.

2 Photographs below: Courtesy Bombardier Germany



2 m ESCALON on 3 m CMM requires stitching/overlapping in spacediagonals

Mounting a 2 m ESCALON in vertical position


The following photographs show precision-joint ESCALON bars

Courtesy: Zeiss Mexico

The joint is usually made of a ceramic ball and a ceramic ring, both precision-lapped to each other. Strong magnets hold the two bars together with a constant force

The precision joint repeats to about 0.0005 mm.

The length across the joint is calibrated.

2.1 m beam with precision joint in middle, on mounting tube and with column fixtures of carbon fibre

The bar can be rotated in holder; this facilitates measurement with offset probe stylus according to ISOO10360-2

The columns and pivot heads allow the placement in virtually any desired measurement line in the CMM volume