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The fact that we produce, sell, and calibrate artefacts in our ISO17025-accredited laboratory (ISM3D) makes us the ideal soure to rent such artefacts for temporal use.


Rental of artefacts may have one or several of the following advantages:

- no need to have a budget for investment,

- often money for maintenance and calibration is less difficult to obtain than for investment,

- no need to manage extra equipment: the calibration and maintenance is taken care of by us,

- a great variety of artefacts is available, no need to decide for one or a few only and compromise on best fit for purpose

- expenses disributed over time


Most products described on this web page are available for hire. Below find a list of artefacts available with aproximate rental rates. Other designs and sizes can be made available if the request is not too specific.


The indicated price yields for 1 week, for every consecutive week calculate 50% of the price for the first week.



ESCALON ball beams

(most of them available with inclination table and/or tripods and/or column type fixtures):

- 120 mm, 3 mm balls , [400 EUR]

- 600 mm, 13 balls d=15 mm with inclination table [700 EUR]

- 1000 mm 21 balls d=15mm with column fixtures [800 EUR]

- 1200 mm 25 balls d=18 mm (3D beam) [900 EUR]

- 1000 mm 52 balls d=3mm with column fixtures [800 EUR]

- 2000 mm 21 balls d=15 mm with tripods or column fixtures [900 EUR]

- 2000 mm 21 balls d=3mm (2D beam)


Optical scales ("Video ESCALONs"), L=200 mm, L=650 mm, ( L=300 mm, L=1000 mm in preparation);

available with inclination table [400 EUR], [1200 EUR]


Diverse dumbbells for laser scanners and fringe projectors, e.g.

- d=40, L= 80

- d=80, L=140

- d=160, L=500

Miniature dumbbell set from 10 mm to 150 mm for checking Z-axes of optical CMMs, with holder [500 EUR]


Disassemblable ball bars

- 3 m with tripods [1000 EUR]

- 5 m with tripods [1200 EUR]



- 400 mm [600 EUR]

- 700 mm [700 EUR]

- 900 mm (disassemblable) [800 EUR]


Ball beam 300 mm with white mat spheres d=15 mm (for fringe projectors)