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2 m ESCALON with carbon fibre tripods with ball heads

ESCALON Ball Beam on CMM

With universal magnetic fixtures an ESCALON Ball Beam can be easily attached to locally available steel blocks etc.     

courtesy: ACCURATE India

30° inclination

Note that normally two of the telescopic rods with magnets at there ends are used; the configurations shown here are only examples and not binding, more stable configurations might exist.

35° inclination

These bars are made of uni directional carbon fibre composite. The distances between the centres of the balls are calibrated. The balls lie in the symmetry line between the two beams of carbon fibre. This design yields high stability in the direction in which the bar represents the unit of length.

The thermal expansion coefficient of ESCALON ball bars is typically 0.2 . 10-6 K-1

ESCALON ball bars can be calibrated by different accredited and non-accredited laboratories.Uncertainties go down to 0.0002 mm  + 0.5 . 10-6L.

For ESCALON ball bars different solutions are available to place them on the CMM

for measurement in different orientations and positions.

Here we see the inclination holder of carbon fibre composite.

With fixed magnetic rods or telescopic rods a great variety of inclination angles can be realized.

The inclination holder has a very small thermal expansion coefficient, hence no waiting after manipulating the holder is necessary.

Inclination holders serve for ESCALON Ball Beams typically up to 700 mm, exceptionally for 1000 mm beams. From 1000 mm beam lengths on, column type holders are preferable.

Below and right: Escalon Ball Bars

on inclination table of carbon fiber composite

5° inclination;  multi sensor ESCALON

40° inclination

45° inclination

30° inclination;  multi sensor ESCALON,

attached below inclination platform  in order to save useful hight

on short Z-stroke Video VMM

30° inclination;  ESCALON mounted sideways

for lateral (offset) stylus measurements according to ISO 10360-2

components of inclination table

50° inclination

55° inclination

60° inclination

90° inclination