Trapet Precision Engineering


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Trapet Precision Engineering

Berretin 10

01139 Sarria (Alava)



DUNS 466015730

tel . 945462666

cell: .34.615711076


Now - besides the correction parameter measurement with ball and dot plates and 3D-ball beams, the correction parameter analysis from 2D ball beam measurement has been fully developed and successfully tested.

The measurements can be made by tactile probing and by optical probing.

The below depicted positions yield all necessary information

for a full volumetric correction of CMMs as well as machine tools (3 Cartesian axes).


Machine error parameter measurement with a 2D ball beam and a camera is possible.

This method, i.e. using a camera, is faster than tactile measurements.

As the camera acts as a probe, this method can be used for machine tools (besides for measuring machines).